• This is Bo M

  • Following four years of development you're looking at our Mid size vehicle, the world's "most advanced e-scooter". With refined performance, stabilising tech and functional innovations for everyday tasks - you can rely on Bo M for every occasion, every day of the year.

  • Performance

    Faster than traffic.

  • Forget about traffic, hills and boring rides. Leave them behind with BoPower, our bespoke powertrain.

    Its unique rear motor delivers peak power of 1200W and a top speed of 35km/h, ensuring smooth overtaking. Better yet, with over 38Nm of torque, achieved through 34% wider magnets, hill-climbing is effortless and acceleration is intuitive and responsive.

    Powering this performance is our advanced battery system, with capacity of 672Wh from high-quality cells that ensure longevity and reliability. The BoPower system is designed seamlessly into the Bo M chassis, working to bring you up to 50km on a single charge.

  • Design.

    Sleek exterior. Tough interior.

  • No weakness, no mechanical slop. No loose wires or cables, no exposed mechanisms. You are looking at the only aluminium unibody in the entire sector: the Bo M is the first time automotive design and engineering principles have been applied to an electric scooter. It's iconic one-piece aluminium frame will never corrode, and is backed by a world-first Lifetime chassis warranty.

    Bo M is engineered to achieve the highest stiffness rating of any vehicle in this category, delivering a reassuring and intuitive rider experience. Alongside exceptional rigidity and strength, the all-new chassis neatly protects every Bo innovation, maximising reliability and capability. Including Lock n' Load, Airdeck and Safesteer™ - the single most important innovation to change how you ride.

  • Safesteer™

    Engineering the most stable scooter ever.

  • No matter the road you ride on - the bumps, dips and potholes can now be corrected with Safesteer™.

    Unique, patented Bo technology, dynamically stabilises your ride with up to 300% restorative forces. Whether your first, or thousandth ride, Safesteer™ combines with optimised ergonomics to bring you ultimate riding confidence. Comfortable and in control so you can enjoy every mile.

  • Comfort.

    Road vibrationsss. Filtered.

  • Rough roads generate high-frequency vibration. This can make short and long rides numbing.

    This is why we engineered Airdeck. A smart, lightweight and nearly invisible comfort system. Inspired by the technology behind high-performing running shoes. The 11mm of anti-vibration EVA foam removes up to 70% of high-frequency vibration. When combined with soft-foam grips, 10" pneumatic tyres, Safesteer™ and our Lock and Load system, Bo M brings you class-leading comfort for every journey.

  • Loading.

    Easily carry more.

    When you need to bring bags, Bo M can carry them for you. Lock and Load supports you with it's deployable twin hook system, capable of carrying an extra 10kgs. The system is mounted to the chassis, not the steering, reducing bag twisting and swinging while maximising stability and comfort. The bag choice is yours, whether that's a tote, backpack or your biggest duffel. And there is even a place for your lock.

  • Locking

    Serious security.

    Peace of mind matters. When you park your vehicle outside a shop or cafe, you shouldn't have to think about security. Lock and load is your designated locking feature. Positioned on your Bo M at the optimal height of 750mm for fuss-free locking. And fixed to the chassis for ultimate strength, the forged aluminium system is designed to be used with your strongest lock, whether that's a Kryptonite D-Lock, flat lock, cable lock or folding lock.

  • Light Halo

    Out with the dim. In with the bright.

  • Our lighting system has 10x the brightness of a standard electric scooter light. The world sees you, and you see the world with Bo M.

    The Bo M signature Daytime Running Light (DRL) wraps around the chassis projecting a clear 200 lumens with 270° light visibility. In darkness your headlight illuminates the road ahead with a powerful, temperature-controlled 800 lumens. And when you pull the brakes, a wide-angle rear light pulses, motorsport style, bolstering your road presence and completing the iconic 360° Light Halo.

  • Navigation.

    The best display in the world*

    Your phone*. Connect it to Bo M in an instant with the Mous Intralock system. Securely fixed with a twin latch system, keeping your phone in sight and enabling you to use your favourite apps to navigate around your city with absolute ease.

  • Sustainability

    10x more efficient

    Than the world's most efficient electric cars. Achieved by pairing the highly-efficient BoPower system with robust yet lightweight engineering, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and ultimate vehicle longevity. The Bo M is built to stand the test of time with puncture resistant tyres and IP66 waterproofing so you can focus on the road ahead.

  • Delivery

    Ready. Set. Bo.

    Your Bo M is delivered to you fully assembled and ready to go. Supported by a 2 year warranty and a 7 year chassis warranty.

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“Beyond state of the art”

“Looks as good as it feels”

“The ride of the near future”