• Bo [Bomobility], an award-winning pioneer in the global mobility industry, is dedicated to developing the best light electric vehicles on earth - revealed in 2022, this year sees the start of production of the highly-anticipated Bo M.

  • Our mission.

    Make the best.

    We are here to bring incredible innovation and wonderful simplicity to your urban movement. This mission starts with our first vehicle, Bo M.

  • From cars, with love

  • Headquartered in Bristol in the UK, Bo was founded in 2019 by a team of visionary designers and engineers with exceptional, multi-discipline expertise and singular insight from Formula One Advanced Engineering to Luxury Automotive. The Bo team is passionately focused on creating uncompromising, disruptively innovative, elegantly simple, design and technology-rich transport solutions to empower a new generation to transform their cities and alleviate congestion and pollution. Our team is bolstered by world class advisors with experience growing globally recognised brands.

  • Oscar Morgan, Co-founder.

  • Harry Wills, Co-founder.


  • Luke Robus, Co-founder.


“This company is on the path to sparking a movement ”

Former Nike VP Brand.