• 50km range

    The whole city
    on one charge

  • SafesteerTM

    Active riding

  • 360 Light Halo

    See everything
    seen by everyone

  • "Is this the sleekest e-scooter
    around? I think so"

  • "A beautiful-looking product, for which the owner might feel the same sense of pride they do with their car"

  • "A sleek new machine with a Formula One pedigree"

  • Safesteer™

    Forward facing technology actively stabilises bo, keeping you on the straight and narrow.

  • Precision throttle

    The high resolution, responsive throttle is shifting gears in the world of control. No more surprises.

  • Airdeck

    The engineered elastomer Airdeck provides space and comfort for any ride.


Lock and Load

bo's dual-purpose built-in steel loop takes the weight off, making locking effortless and carrying bags simple.

  • Lock up

    D-lock up with the steel loop to park bo anywhere. Secured with confidence.

  • Load up

    The Monocurve chassis coupled with Lock and Load now means you can carry up to 25kg of stowage, swing-free.

  • Keep track

    Should you lose sight of bo, GPS tracking, alarm settings and notifications kick in. OTA updates included.

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Never stand still

bo is more than practical. Bringing 50km of range, SafesteerTM and Lock and Load, the bo M is designed to upshift your urban connectivity.

  • "M is a scooter for the future. bo has produced what may possibly be the most luggage-friendly e-scooter in the known universe."

  • "Exciting entry to the e-scooter scene. It's excellent and confidence-inspiring to ride... offers something genuinely different. Stand-out product that could really shake up the market in terms of pushing both design and technology."

  • "This Telsa-inspired scooter looks amazing... packed with innovative tech, starting with its rigid curved frame and steering technology that could make it one of the best electric scooters yet."