• "Better than its rivals, is likely to last longer, and looks achingly cool."

    Phil Huff, AverageGuys
  • "The first e-scooter I could see myself buying and using on a daily basis."

    Daniel Cooper, Engadget
  • "The Bo M two-wheeled e-scooter looks set to give urban riders the smoothest, safest and most stable ride of any vehicle in its class."

    Jason Ford, The Engineer
  • "[Bo] threw out the conventional Chinese electric scooter that everyone seems to build these days and, instead, drew up their own idea of how e-scooters should be built."

    Micah Toll, Electrek
  • "If you can afford the Bo, there is no doubt this is one of the best quality e-scooters you can buy today. 9.0/10"

    James Attwood, Move Electric
  • "Not only made something bigger and stronger, but more innovative... sleek and desirable."

    Ollie Marriage, TopGear