About us

Empower peoples transition out from cars.

bo was founded in 2019 by Formula One Advanced Engineering and Automotive designers to prove that zero emission can be the best way to travel. bo exists to create the first urban electric vehicles that fully empower people to transition out from their cars. 

bo is bringing a new concept to those people seeking a better way to move through the city. On June 2nd, bo unveiled its launch product, bo M, at the Micromobility World event in Amsterdam.

Leave everything you thought about e-scooters behind. bo has a clear mission: to give urban professionals a viable, rideable and attractive alternative to their cars. 

The founders asked themselves - which future do we want to be a part of, one in which traffic gets worse and worse, or a well designed, clean mobile future? We then asked, what is actually preventing us from leaving our cars behind, and transitioning to smarter ways to get around.

The answers came through constant innovation and imaginative design building on the founder's experience in Formula One Advanced Engineering and the Automotive Industry. The company is building a Vision that moves away from more traffic, high costs and pollution - to a future based on modern, light transport solutions that will never compromise on technology, comfort or design. We never stand still.