bo M luggage-friendly electric scooter has a Tesla-inspired design with innovative tech.
By Madhurima Nag. Published Gadget Flow

Enhance your comfort and convenience with the Bo M Luggage-Friendly Electric Scooter. This eScooter comes with a Tesla-inspired design and a Monocurve chassis. The new aluminum structural skin along with the extended wheelbase geometry make them a perfect fit for daily commuting. Additionally, it comes with built-in lock for carrying your bag or luggage. The steering stabilization technology along with engineered-elastomer deck makes it one of a kind. The 3 hour rapid charging and energy-positive regenerative braking system makes this product a perfect ride-on in your day to day life. Thanks to the Safesteer technology, you can easily tackle bumps and potholes with ease on the go. And once its dark, the 360-Light Halo visibility and 1000 lumens up-front will easily light up your way.

Gadget Flow Rating 9.3/10

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