Bo M is a next-gen electric scooter.
By Spencer Hart. Published on T3

Is this the sleekest e-scooter around? I think so…

As travel editor at T3, I've tried more electric scooters than I'd care to count (just check out all of the reviews in our best electric scooter guide) so it takes something special to excite me – that's why I was pleasantly surprised when the email about Bo (or bo, as its officially styled) dropped in my inbox.

Bo M is a radical rethink and total redesign of the electric scooter and promises to be the single biggest innovation leap in scooter technology with 'Safesteer'. If you thought traditional electric scooters are unsafe and unreliable (like our very own Duncan Bell does) then Bo hopes to set new standards in safety, comfort and design. 

Bo is doing this by introducing active riding stabilisation with Safesteer technology, setting the benchmark for control and confidence. The technology stabilises and smoothes the steering across bumps, dips and potholes to keep the rider in perfect control.

This fundamental shift in vehicle dynamics means the single greatest concern of new and experienced e-scooter riders could be eliminated. 

This sounds a lot like power steering in your car, which makes sense considering Bo was founded by former Williams F1 Advanced Engineering and Jaguar Land Rover designers, with plenty of experience in the Automotive Industry.

Bo M electric scooter


Also hoping to improve e-scooter safety is Bo’s distinctive Daytime Running Light which wraps around the monocurve chassis to create Light Halo. It's a world-first in the sector and dramatically increases road presence and awareness from other road users.

Alongside Light Halo, a powerful secondary headlight illuminates the road ahead, while a wide-angle high-lumen rear light keeps you seen from behind, flashing brightly when users brake.

In terms of ride comfort, Bo has inovated with an engineered elastomer 'Airdeck' which based on the same material technology found in high-performance running trainers. The lightweight deck panel is tuned to remove road vibrations – removing the need for complex and ineffective suspension systems.

The Bo M has an impressive range of 50km so all-day riding comfort is important. In addition to the Airdeck, this electric scooter features wide 10-inch pneumatic tyres keep the road bumps out. 

Additionally, the Bo M geometry is optimised for stability and ergonomics, including a wider handlebar at 580mm, a generous 930mm wheelbase for more standing room, and a 76-degree steering angle for naturally controlled dynamics.

Punctures are a common commuter concern, so the Bo M is specified with high-quality tubeless pneumatic tyres which eliminate pinch punctures and maximise grip on the road. 

Bo M electric scooter


One of the features I'm most interested in is the two secure load hooks which allow you to travel with luggage other than a backpack. The hooks keep your bag stable and swing-free while you ride. 

The hidden, built-in steel dual mount system also doubles as a locking point – making it simple to secure the Bo M with confidence using a standard D-lock. 

For full peace of mind should the you lose sight of your Bo M, the 'Bosecure' system of GPS tracking, motor locking, loud anti-tamper alarms and mobile notifications kick in.

Of course, the first thing you'll notice about the Bo M is the unique monocurve chassis. Bo claims it "represents a big shift in vehicle design and engineering - the single greatest sector advancement since electric scooters arrived in our cities". 

The unbroken Monocurve chassis is the first structure in this sector designed to true automotive principles, seamlessly combining function with design. As well as allowing room for all of Bo's innovations, it also adds strength and reliability.

This does mean that the Bo M can't fold, but Harry Wills, Bo CTO states, "we made a conscious decision to eliminate the fold, launching bo M with an unbroken Monocurve chassis. Bo M is designed for commuters travelling home to work who value exceptional ride, safety and reliability above all else. Creating this new category, between a traditional e-scooter and an e-bike, our research discovered that the majority of people seldom or never use the fold. It represented a point of weakness, so that directed us to this final design".

The Bo M is available for pre-order now from It has an RRP of £1,995 or £69 per month. Bo plans to start shipping the M in Spring 2023.

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