bo's futuristic e-scooter will gain a solar-powered charging stand in late 2023.
By Daniel Cooper. Published Engadget 

It uses solar power to trickle-charge a battery through the day.

British micromobility startup Bo has already realized that its e-scooter of the future needs an equally futuristic charging dock. The company has today announced bo E, a parking spot that combines a small solar panel and battery to help you re-juice your ride for free. Bo E is a dock measuring 1.5 meters (4.9ft) tall by 0.5 meters (1.6ft) wide, and is designed to be anchored to the sunny corner of your home.

The idea is that the dock will, while you’re at work, gently soak up all of the available solar energy and charge its internal battery. Then, when you return home, you can connect up your Bo M scooter and let the electrons flow from one to the other overnight. Bo E also has its own 4G setup, enabling you to keep an eye on your power status when you’re not guarding over the dock itself. The company says that the scooter is sufficiently energy-efficient that such a small charge will be enough to top up its 2kWh battery, but we'll wait until we can test both in the real world before making any judgment.

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Naturally, the biggest concern anyone can have about leaving their $2,400 e-scooter outdoors is security. Bo says that the E lodges high-tensile steel pins into the body of the scooter, making it difficult to remove easily, and anyone who tries will set off a screamy audio alarm. There’s also talk of an insurance product that might help go some way to assuage wary buyers about the risks inherent in leaving a scooter out of doors. 

The Bo M is expected to start reaching customers by the end of 2022, and there's a tentative launch date of Q3 2023 pencilled in for Bo E both in the UK and US. There is, however, no word on price, but you can imagine it'll be similarly premium 

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