Bo gets UK on the grid for e-scooters
By Chris Nuttall. Published on Financial Times 


Ahead of this weekend’s British Grand Prix, a sleek new machine with a Formula One pedigree was launched today on two wheels. 

The bo M is a British-designed e-scooter that aims to get people out of their cars and tackles a key safety concern of stability. It claims a world first in introducing active riding stabilisation, with its Safesteer technology smoothing the steering over bumps, dips and potholes, meaning “the single greatest concern of new and experienced e-scooter riders is eliminated”. 

Safety fears have been holding back legal approval of non-rental e-scooters on UK roads, but bo is including features and timing its launch so the M can hopefully take straight to the streets. As well as Safesteer, its speed is being throttled to 15.5mph and it has high visibility, with a headlight and 360-degree “Light Halo” on the front and wide-angle light with brake flashing to the rear. It will ship next Spring when UK laws allowing e-scooters on streets may have come into force.

The founders, CEO Oscar Morgan, CTO Harry Wills and chief creative officer Luke Robus have infused their learning and experience from the automotive industry into the M. Morgan and Wills previously worked for Williams F1 Advanced Engineering, which explored scooters and made the hub motor for the Brompton folding electric bike. Robus worked for Jaguar Land Rover in design research.

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